By entering into an operator-user agreement for using the IoT Interactive Life Platform (ILP), you agree to these general terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the general terms and conditions, do not use the website

Operator: The operator is Infinitus d.o.o., Prevale 7, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia.
User: The user is any natural person who uses the webpage

The agreement between the operator and the user for using the website pertains to the 30 day free BASIC package ILP service once the user has registered, created their ILP profile (account) and activated their ILP account. After 30 days user can not use ILP platform if he do not pay to the operator the amount of annual subscription. The agreement shall be concluded for one year by paying annual subscription. The agreement may be extended by paying an annual subscription for the subsequent subscription period.


The user logs into the ILP platform by using their user’s name and selected password. The user password is secret and known only to the user. The user shall be responsible for protecting their password. The operator is not liable for any loss or damage that may result from the user's failure to meet this security obligation.

A user who registers via the must activate their ILP account (validate their e-mail address) and fill in their personal data (name and e-mail address). The user shall ensure that the personal data and content published in their profile is accurate and up to date. In the event of changes, the user shall correct the published content immediately. The user may change their profile data in the following ways: by registered mail sent to the operator's address, via e-mail to the operator or via the website.

The operator must protect the confidentiality of information obtained from users of the website

The operator collects personal data (such as personal names, addresses, e-mail addresses, data from devices, data from sensors and locations of devices who were registered in the system) that the user provides in their profile of their own accord. By providing their personal and other data, the user expressly agrees that the operator may use it in accordance with these general terms and conditions.

The purpose of collecting user data is for analytics, and in the event of an alarm message, users of the ILP platform obtain data on the state of the error or alarm and about the necessary data of the device itself.

The operator may only use user data to inform users about new services, similar activities and news about the operator itself. The operator shall not send data to third parties or abuse data. The data shall be stored solely for the purposes of application usability the purpose of device control, notification, alarming and for analytics (statistics). The operator shall not pass data on to third parties, unless requested to do so by a court of law or law enforcement agencies in the event of an attempted breaking into the server.

The operator shall keep user personal data solely for the time the user is active, i.e. while the user has an active profile and user account.

The user shall ensure the validity of adequate technical and organizational security standards developed for the purpose of protecting the collected user personal data from accidental, illegal or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

The user has certain rights under applicable law, which may include access to their personal data processed by the operator, the right to correct, delete or block the use of this personal data and the right to object to a particular data processing method. To exercise these rights, the user shall make a written request addressed in accordance with the instructions listed in the “Questions” section.

USE TRACKING ("Cookies")
The operator automatically tracks the way in which the content available on the operator's website is used. This means that the operator may collect and process data on visits to the website, e.g. for visit statistics and registering user logins. A cookie will be placed on the user's computer to enable the operator to obtain information on the user's domain name and Internet service provider and the dates and times the user accesses the website. A cookie is a piece of information sent to the user's browser and stored on the computer's hard drive and allows the operator to track the use of and visits to the website more closely. If the user disables cookies, the user will still have exactly the same kind of access to the content on the website, and this will result in only slightly less accurate data on the visits to and use of the website collected by the operator in its internal reports. This visit data will be used for the operator's internal purposes only.

The website is not intended for children and young people under age 14. Children under age 14 may not upload their personal information on-line or through the application. The operator shall not store personal data of individuals under 14 years of age.

The price of to use ILP platform services is available on the website

The ILP online platform provides data collection from devices, sensors, data analysis, ensuring data security and thus enables the integration and development of more comprehensive solutions and various services.

The operator shall endeavor to ensure the full technical functionality of the website. The operator shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or inconvenience that the user might suffer due to possible technical problems or interruptions.

The operator does not guarantee the smooth operation of the ILP platform or the accuracy of the information provided. Errors can occur in the operation of the application itself as well as in the use of navigation systems (user geolocation) due to local environmental conditions and/or incomplete or incorrect data.

The user agrees that the operator shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or extraordinary material or immaterial damages arising from the user's use of the website

The operator does not guarantee the flawless operation of the ILP online platform or the accuracy of the information provided. Errors can occur due to non-functioning or non-sending of data from IoT devices entered by the user or applied to the ILP online platform.

In case of identified abuses, the administrator will block the user's access to the services and inform him about this by registered mail to the user's address or via e-mail or SMS.

The user is also responsible for abuses in case of loss or alienation of the media or "smart" IoT device, sensors, which are registered in the ILP online platform. In case of loss or alienation of the media or "smart" IoT device, the user is obliged to inform the operator as soon as possible to block the service of sending and receiving data from these devices or sensors and in this way prevents possible misuse.

The ILP platform website, its entire content, including the full text, images and logo, are copyrighted and owned by the operator, Infinitus d.o.o., including all reserved rights.

Copying, distributing or unlocking the ILP platform as well as any misuse of the data, images, text, logo, ILP trademark and other data that are part of the website is prohibited. Any copying, distribution or other use of any of the above information without the prior knowledge and express written permission of the operator is prohibited.


The operator reserves the right to update and change the general terms of use of the website and the price list. The continued use of the services after any such changes shall mean that the user expressly agrees to such changes. If the user does not agree to changes to the general conditions or price list, they may cancel their user account at any time, but the amount of the paid subscription for the current year shall not be refunded to the user.

The operator shall notify users of any price change one month before the change via the mobile application or via email.

The law of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply to assessments of legal relations regarding these general terms and conditions in connection with the use of the website.

In the event of a dispute between the user and the operator, the court of the Republic of Slovenia shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Users may send questions, suggestions or complaints regarding their order, purchase and general terms and conditions to the operator via the website: or by mail to the address: Infinitus d.o.o., Prevale 7, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia, Europe or by email: